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in Orlando '19

777 E. Princeton St., Orlando, United States.

September 18th, 2019 | 1:00 pm - 6:00 pm

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Why is this great for me?

In today’s culturally diverse world, it is #MuyImportante for professionals to have the ability to relate, live, work and lead people who are not like them – for that you need Cultural Intelligence (CQ).

Orlando AVANZA seeks to build Cultural Intelligence (CQ), sensitivity and competence in the business sector so you are better positioned to reach the Hispanic consumer in Central Florida.

CCI Group will be providing Sign Language Interpreters during the entire conference.



Orlando AVANZA will provide attendees with the unique opportunity to increase their CQ in the Hispanic market. Our renowned guest speakers bring over 100 years of insights and expertise combined with experience in branding, business development, entrepreneurship and marketing.

You will learn about:
• The latest trends to market to the Hispanic LGBTQ Market
• The financial identity of Hispanics in the US
• Breaking the challenges in communication
• Increase your Cultural Intelligence

Who’s Speaking

Our renowned guest speakers

Anthony Lopez

Anthony Lopez

CEO, L&L Associates

Julio Rocha

Julio Rocha

Business Influencer and CEO of Rocha Financial Group

Manny Velásquez

Manny Velásquez

CONNEXTIONS Magazine, Editor in Chief and LGBTQ Family Travel Journalist

Indy Vega

Indy Vega

President & CEO of CCI Group

Dr. Keita Joy

Dr. Keita Joy

CEO, Success Uncensored Coaching


Ask for group discounts.

Conference Ticket

$ 99

As of 9/4/19 and until the date of the conference, 25% of all ticket sales will be donated to disaster relief efforts in the Bahamas.

  • General Seating
  • 4 Presentations
  • Networking sessions
  • Meet and Greet with presenters
  • VIP Celebration

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“As an entrepreneur, I always seek to find solutions to problems. In my 17 years as a professional, I have learned when a professional has a higher degree of Cultural Intelligence she or he can better relate, live, work and lead people from diverse backgrounds. This is why Orlando Avanza was created.”
Julio Rocha, Entrepreneur




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